Dynamics of Contention Under Authoritarian Regimes (2022) Workshop

Presented by the Taiwan Studies program and co-sponsored by the Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Research Group at the University of Alberta

This workshop is focused on discussing the realities of contention in non-Western societies – with a focus on politically closed environments. Scholars will present original research drawing from cases in the Middle East, North Africa, and East Asia. with the goal of generating new theories on the characteristics and resilience of activism in politically restrictive contexts


The workshop will be held May 19-20, 2022 via Webex. This workshop will be hosted online, using Webex and will be live-steamed via YouTube for public viewers. The YouTube link can be accessed by clicking on this link: Taiwan Studies Program – University of Alberta – YouTube



  1. Asef Bayat: University of Illinois   
  2. Ashley Esarey: University of Alberta
  3. Chang-Ling Huang: National Taiwan University 
  4. Maia Carter Hallward:  Kennesaw State University
  5. Michael Frishkopf: University of Alberta
  6. Michael Hsiao: Academica Sincia 
  7. Mohamed Chamekh:  University of Technology and Applied Sciences
  8. Noureddin Zaamout:  University of Alberta
  9. Shaimaa Magued:  Cairo University
  10. Taib Biygautane:  Kennesaw State University
  11. Victoria Hui: University of Notre Dame 




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